How am I cooking after a spinal cord injury?

Many people like to cook. Someone just tuna pasta, someone else gourmet steaks with exotic

All we need are food and dishes. Well, maybe allso source of heat, like an oven or a stove. How about a cooking after a spinal cord injury?

First I realized that accessbilty is one big problem (and no architectural barriers are meant here). The question arises as to where your feet are, as the sitting position hinders you from accessing the worktop, the funnel… I solved this simply –
I removed the lower cabinets so that I have a lot of space under counter.

All right, I’m done …
Accessories are in the hands and it is action time!
Yes, it would be so if I had not been diagnosed with tetraplegia due to a spinal cord injury. And what does that mean? This means that I have impaired motor function of the hands and, as a result, only a rough grip, which somehow means that it feels similar to working with ski or boxing gloves.

The blades are sharp, the forks are pointed, the dishes hot and you can imagine how fast an accident can apper. Therefore, there is no place for improvisation. Fortunately, I have come across accessories that not only allowes me to cook or bake,
I can do it safely. That there is no longer any chance of slipping the knife or accidentally leaning on a hot pan.

The video below illustrates how I make it easy to prepare and bake brawnies with these utensils.

They were delicious and you can find the gadgets at,

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