About us

D4A marketplace - a platform for selling and buying used disabled equipment

We are David and Anja. 

We’re a young couple, living in lovely Slovenia, parents to an active and curious boy. Anja is a former director of a successful media company, with years of experience in project management. David is a former director of marketing in one of the largest supermarket chains and mobile providers in Slovenia. Through the years we worked on many projects, and we always loved working together.

Since very young age, David was always involved in numerous sports. In 2006 he was involved in a snowboarding accident that put him in a wheelchair. But that fact certainly hasn’t stopped him from being active and even participating in extreme sports.

He still likes to try new things, new sports, and also new equipment. When trying out new sports he would often buy equipment and sell it when he moved on to the next thing. But he found that prices for sports equipment for the disabled are much higher than regular equipment. And, since the market is smaller, it is much more difficult to resell the items. Finding used disabled equipment to buy is even harder. He used social media to find and resell equipment, but there just aren’t that many disabled in Slovenia interested in cross skiing or mountain biking for the used disabled equipment market  to thrive locally. 

David shared his frustrations with Anja, and together we came up with the idea of a marketplace for used equipment for the disabled.

This is D4A – the easiest way to buy and sell your used disabled equipment across EU, and maybe even beyond.

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