Hi there!

Do you have any old (or redundant) pieces of disabled equiptment, where dust accumulates? We have a solution for you.. Let us introduce D4A Disabled mobility market – a marketplace, where you can sell od by mobility aids or disability equipment for your need at a great price.

So, if you have an old wheelchair, that is not in use anymore, or you need a standing frame for you?

You can now post it on D4A (www.d4a.eu) platform.

It will take you just a few minutes.

In three steps you can tidy-up your basement :
2. POST / FIND something for you
And you’re done.

What can you sell or find on D4A marketplace?

Hand bikes, wheelchairs, electric standing frames, monoski components parts, wheelchair spare parts, … any type od mobility aids or used disability equiptment.

Andi f you want to be informed about new items on D4A marketplace, like also our D4A Facebook page .

See you on D4A.